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NY Giant Geoff Schwartz Catches Lucky Break With Dislocated Toe

27 Aug

Those of us who aren’t pro athletes just can’t appreciate how critical foot and ankle health is.

Sprained ankle? I’ll “walk it off”

Stubbed toe? I’ll wear looser shoes for a week

A little heel pain? It will pass….

You may think that professional athletic trainers are “babying” their players at times, but they know from experience that a seemingly innocuous, minor injury that’s left unattended, can develop into an injury which costs the team a championship, and end a player’s career.

geoff schwartz

Geoff Schwarts is carted off the field Friday night.

For instance, Geoff Schwartz, starting left guard for the New York Giants, was carted off the playing field last Friday night during their preseason game with the Jets. Trainers believed the toe was dislocated, but had no idea as to its severity.

A dislocated toe is nothing to take lightly, because if serious enough, it can be a season-ending injury for an athlete. Fortunately for Schwartz, tests revealed that it’s only a minor dislocation which won’t require surgery. Geoff will be back on the field by the end of September if his rehab goes as planned.

“This is just a minor setback,” Schwartz said. “I plan on attacking the rehab program so I can get back on the field as soon as possible with my teammates and help us win games.”

How your toe becomes dislocated – and what to do about it

When the ligaments and tendons which hold the toe joint together are torn, the bones move apart and out of place. This is what’s called a dislocated toe. This can be a minor injury, as in Schwartz’s case, or quite severe, as when the toe is visibly out of joint. When the joint is properly realigned, it takes about 6 weeks for the ligaments to heal.

How can you tell the difference between simply stubbing your toe, spraining it,  breaking it, or dislocating it? You probably can’t, which is why you should see a podiatrist as soon as possible after you injure it. If the toe is dislocated, you’ll feel immediate, intense pain, extreme pain if you try and bend the toe, swelling, bruising, tenderness, or numbness, and possibly a very visible deformity. Some of these symptoms are also consistent with sprains and fractures, which is why a podiatrist’s opinion is necessary.

Never – and we mean never, ever, ever try and “pop” the dislocated toe back into place by pulling on it. That’s strictly Hollywood stuff. A dislocated toe is frequently accompanied by a fracture, so if you pull on it, you can do a lot more damage. If you suspect that your toe has been dislocated, seek immediate medical attention from a podiatrist. He or she will take x-rays, make a diagnosis, and then if it is indeed dislocated, realign the toe and provide you with a walking boot to protect the toe while it heals. Physical therapy may also be recommended to get the toe back in shape after the ligaments heal.

Take your foot and ankle health as seriously as pro athletes.

NFL season is right around the corner-how is Giant Hakeem Nicks?

17 Jul

While we’re sweating in 100 degree heat, it’s nice to think ahead to the cool temperatures of the fall, isn’t it? (go to your happy, cool place for a moment….)

Fall means the start of another NFL season and my happy place is watching the New York Giants every Sunday or Thursday or Monday.

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan. Giants training camp at the University at Albany begins on July 26th and I’m checking my mailbox every day for my season tickets. Can’t wait for that opening day game September 5th when they take on the Cowboys.

hakeem nicks in endzone against dallas

Nicks doing what he does best

I also started thinking about the rehab of a key Giant who may miss opening day: Wide Receiver Hakeem Nicks. If you recall, on May 24th, Nicks broke the 5th Metatatarsal in his right foot. At that time it was announced he would be sidelined for twelve weeks.

This week marks eight weeks since the injury happened and by now his right foot should be out of its cast and physical rehab underway to strengthen his legs, ankles and feet. Six weeks immobilized in a cast will have weakened his muscles more than you think. But he’s probably been using the stationary cycle, and getting massage and hydro therapy.

ankle and foot strength conditioningHakeem should be doing simple stretches of his foot and ankle to start to recondition those tight muscles, ligaments and tendons. He’ll start with simple exercises while laying on his back (see pic) and then flexibility and range of motion exercises while standing. He’ll also now be slowly increasing stress on the metatarsal, as a bone actually heals and grows in response to the stress placed upon it.

As anyone who’s ever broken their foot knows, pain may last in the bone quite awhile, even after it’s healed. Nicks will undoubtedly be icing and elevating his foot every day after he does his therapy to control pain and any residual swelling.

When appropriate, Nicks will return to walking, then running, then sprinting. He’ll also perform plyometric exercises as soon as possible to restore  speed, quickness and power.

Publically, Hakeem is playing it close to the vest as to how is recovery is progressing. But teammate Victor Cruz stated that he believes Nicks will be on the field for their season opener against the Cowboys: “He looks good. He’s walking again on his own so that’s definitely a good sign. He told me he’ll be ready and he told me he’ll take training camp to continue rehabbing and continue to get his foot back right, but I definitely expect him to be ready by game one.” 

For his own part, Nicks said: “You just don’t want any setbacks. If it takes 12 weeks, that’s what they’re giving me, so I think that’s what we’re going to go by. But my goal is always to come back earlier. We just have to play it smart and get ready for the season.”

I’m hoping for my happy place: Hakeem Nicks in the lineup opening day. He’s key to the Giants offense, as he’s Eli’s best deep target, can jump like nobody’s business, and attracts extra attention and double teaming from defenses, which leaves teammates like Cruz open to make the play.

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