Guide to Managing Your Diabetes

16 Nov

The Doctors at PA Foot and Ankle Associates see first hand the devastating affects that diabetes can have on the foot and lower leg.

diabetes management guidelines information resourceThose who’ve had diabetes for some time are most likely familiar with these complications. But for those who’ve been recently diagnosed, we urge you to follow your physician’s advice on managing your blood sugar, don’t cheat on your diet, and to set an appointment with our office.

Diabetes impacts the lower extremities in unique ways and podiatrists are experts in treating these disorders. If a baseline is established early in the onset of your diabetes, it will be that much easier for a podiatrist to note changes in your condition and prescribe the necessary treatment. Early intervention is absolutely crucial in successfully resolving any foot, ankle, or lower leg problems that develop.

Here is a collection of articles we’ve written on managing your diabetes and we hope they’ll be of help to you

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