Meet East Penn Foot and Ankle’s i-Run Pigs 5K Team

7 Sep

Thanks to everyone who sent emails asking to join the East Penn Foot and Ankle team for the i-Run Pigs 5k. Our team members are from all over the Lehigh Valley, range in age from 35 to 62, and one carried the Olympic torch for the Atlanta games. Some will be walking, some will be running, some are first time runners and some are hardcore.

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East Penn Foot and Ankle is sponsoring the Iron Pigs i-Run 5k and Piglet run September 16th at Coca-Cola park in Allentown. The race is open to runners, walkers and kids under 12 (Piglet run).

The East Penn Foot And Ankle i-Run Pigs 5K Team:

Kelly Walbert

Kelly is 42, lives in Allentown, and is a 12 year veteran police officer for the City of Bethlehem, currently assigned to Liberty High School. He has run ten 5k mud races in the past two years. Kelly says, “When I’m not chasing students around the campus I enjoy running 5k mud runs through the tri-state area. I just don’t want to wake up one morning being a fat doughnut cop so that’s why a run.”

Heather Mastropieri

Heather is 35, lives in Whitehall, and this is her first 5K. Heather had Gastric Bypass surgery in 2010 and has since lost 160 lbs(!) Losing that much weight is no easy feat, so we’re delighted that Heather is choosing our event as her first (of many, we hope).  A 5k has been on her bucket list since she had the Gastric Bypass surgery. Heather is a stay-at-home Mom and says she’s a little nervous about running her first 5K, due to leg and ankle issues. But she says she’ll do her best, even if she comes in last place (that’s the spirit, Heather!)

Jackie Hollan

Jackie is 52 and lives in Laurys Station.  Jackie has been a pharmacist and hardcore runner for 15 years, competing in marathons, half-marathons, 10K’s and 5K’s all over the country. She loves the way running makes her feel and is training for the Runner’s World Half Marathon Hat Trick and the Big Sur International Marathon. Jackie is also the running coach for the Lehigh Valley chapter of Team in Training/Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Jackie would like you to know that Dr. Teichman performed bunion surgery on her in April of this year and she fully returned to training in June.

Mary Ellen Rudoi
Mary Ellen is 38, lives in Macungie, and is a Chemical Engineer for Air Products. She’s been a runner most of her life, but as a busy Mom of two, she only gets to do a couple of races a year, just enough to stay motivated.

Kristen Wassel
Kristen is 36, and lives in Macungie

Deb Stewart
Deb is 58 and lives in Allentown, where she is a teacher. She is also a grandmother to a very active one year old named Vincent and is getting back into walking after having foot surgery two years ago.

Kevin Dolan
Kevin is 62 and lives in Nazareth. By day, he’s the Administrator of the Northampton County Children,Youth, And Families Division, responsible for the protection of the children of Northampton County. When he’s not at work, he’s the race director of the Tortoise and Hare 5k, and has run 32 marathons and over 40 half marathons. Kevin figures he runs about 30 races a year. Notably, Kevin carried the Olympic Torch for the 1996 Olympics (Atlanta ) – his part was through the Philadelphia area. He says that running gives him time to think of work action plans and is a respite from stress.

Kevin is also a patient of East Penn Foot and Ankle and says that he was having very serious foot pain that was making running unpleasant. Kevin says, “Besides hoping the pain would go away I began researching for an excellent physician in the Lehigh Valley who would understand an athletles zeal for activity ( I also cross train ). Dr. Teichman was wonderful and had me back running pain free immediately . I recommend him to all my fellow athletes and cannot say enough positive things about him.”

Dr Teichman
Dr T is 40 and will be running with the team. His two children will participate in the piglet run.

In addition to the Iron Pigs swag bag, chip timer, and I-run pigs 5k commemorative t-shirt, each of our team members will receive a customized East Penn Foot and Ankle Tech t-shirt which they’ll be wearing during their run. Good luck, everyone!

More information and registration for the i-Run Pigs 5k is here.

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