New FAST Technique Relieves Heel Pain and Arch Pain

6 Sep

fast relief for heel pain

PA Foot and Ankle Associates in Allentown stands on the cutting edge of successful, reliable medical technology and sports medicine. We’re proud to announce that we now offer the FAST Technique for patients suffering heel pain and arch pain associated with chronic tendinitis or tendinosis.

In the past, if you had chronic pain in your Achilles tendon (at your heel) or plantar fascia (arch of your foot), treatment options would include ice, rest, elevation and over the counter pain meds. If that failed to work, your podiatrist may have used a shot of the steroid hydrocortisone to relieve your pain and physical therapy. If the pain returned, open surgery to remove the damaged tendon may have been recommended.

There’s now an alternative to the open surgery option: The FAST Technique, a minimally invasive alternative to open foot surgery for these conditions. FAST is an out patient procedure performed with only local pain medicine, no anesthesia, and you return home that same day.

FAST uses ultrasound imaging, similar to the ultrasound used to visualize babies in the womb, to guide the physician during the procedure. Once the damaged tendon is identified, the podiatric surgeon delivers high frequency energy through a needle only the size of a toothpick, which breaks down the damaged tissue and removes it. The entire procedure takes less than 15 minutes.

This is a really exciting new procedure, because 95% of patients experience pain relief within one week. Visit the FAST Technique page on the PA Foot and Ankle  Associates website to learn more about eliminating heel pain and arch pain caused by chronic tendinitis or tendinosis.

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