For Kids and Walkers – Training for the i-Run Pigs 5k and Piglet Run

28 Aug

East Penn Foot and Ankle is sponsoring the Iron Pigs i-Run 5k and Piglet run September 16th at Coca-Cola park in Allentown. The race is open to runners, walkers and kids under 12 (Piglet run).

More information and registration for the i-Run Pigs 5k is here. This post is for Piglets (kids under 12) and Walkers.
kids running

Whether you’re running or walking, we want you to join the East Penn Foot and Ankle team! Details on how to race for free are here.

Walking the 5K

No one should ever start a 5K cold. Just because you’re not running, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t warm up and condition your muscles before the race. For some, walking 3 miles/5k is a breeze – a literal walk in the park. For others, it will be strenuous activity. In either case, you should condition your body beforehand with a proper diet, a stretching routine and a practice course. And it goes without saying that you should wear a good pair of athletic shoes.

Follow our runners diet plan

Even though you’re not training for a marathon, our diet plan for runners is the best way to get the proper balance of nutrients your body needs to perform. It’s also very low in fat and high in protein. Say no to all fast food and focus on fresh food prepared in your home. When you prepare it yourself, you know what you’re putting in your body.

Don’t forget to stretch

Stretching exercises warm up your muscles, which makes them less likely to strain during exercise (or any other time). Stretching also strengthens your muscles, so it’s a simple way to take care of your body. Learn some basic stretches on our exercise page.stretching before running

Warm up mentally and physically

Know what you’re in for by charting a 3 mile course around your neighborhood or a favorite park and walk it a few times before race day. If you’ve been sedentary for the past year, the amount of effort required may surprise you. As we age, or if we have a health crisis, it becomes more difficult to stay in shape and to get back in shape, and we assume we can do the same exercise routine as we did previously… until we can’t. So take things slowly and ease yourself into it. Start walking today.

For Piglets (kids under 12)

Whether your child is active or sedentary, they should know what to expect on race day. Children frequently overestimate their physical abilities, so have them tag along with you on your course a time or two before the race. The Piglet run is only one mile, so if they can comfortably walk your course, they should be able to do the Piglet run. Walking will also help to warm up and condition their muscles.

Running is the simplest form of exercise for a child and the competition between the kids helps to build confidence. Keeping their bodies fit while young will serve them well as they grow into adulthood.

See you at the run!

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***Health check: If you have a history of heart disease, obesity or lung ailments, please check with your physician before training. 

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