Training for I-run Pigs 5k and Piglet Run – increase your stretching routine

22 Aug

The Iron Pigs i-Run 5k and Piglet run is only four weeks away now – September 16th at Coca-Cola park in Allentown. I hope you’ve been reading our training tips so that you’ll have a good run and avoid any injuries. 

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Part 1 Training for the i-Run Pigs 5K: Lessons for first-timers

Part 2  Start your running diet plan now

Part 3 Training for the i-Run Pigs 5K-week 3-time to train harder

Part 4 Training for the i-Run Pigs 5K-week-4-time to sweat

Part 5 Training for I-run Pigs 5k and Piglet Run – week 5

This week, add a few additional minutes to your normal stretching routine before you run. Concentrate on the muscles from the glutes to the heel, using these stretches as shown on the Robbins Rehabilitation site:

Calf Stretch   Forward Lunge   Gastroc Stretch   Heel Raises   Reverse Lunge   Soleus Calf Stretch   Sole of the foot stretch   Standing Hamstring Stretch

Remember that stretching exercises are not only to warm up your leg muscles before running, they also increase your strength.

This week’s training routine
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Walk three miles or cross-train with a cross country ski machine, elliptical machine, or bike
  • Tuesday/Thursday: Run/Jog for 30 minutes on your training course, covering three miles. If you’re still getting winded, don’t stop running, go back to interval training and mix walking with running.
  • Saturday: REST (allow your muscles and cardiovascular system time to grow)
  • Sunday: Walk or run three miles
Training schedule was created by Olympian Jeff Galloway, and is designed for gradually increasing your strength and endurance. 

Good luck! Sign up for the i-Run Pigs 5k here.

***Health check: If you have a history of heart disease, obesity or lung ailments, please check with your physician before training. The i-Run pigs 5K also includes a walk, so if you’re not fit to run, you can still participate.

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