Training for the i-Run Pigs 5K – week 3 – time to train harder

1 Aug

If you’ve been following along with our series on training for the i-run pigs 5k – or any 5k for that matter – you’ve chosen your training area and started a walking routine, and you’ve learned about eating properly to get your body functioning at a higher level. Now we’re going to kick your training up a notch.

East Penn Foot and Ankle Associates is sponsoring the Iron Pigs i-Run 5k and Piglet run, September 16th  at Coca-Cola park in Allentown. All proceeds benefit Iron Pigs Charities.

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This is the third part in a series on how to get in shape for this race. Read part 1, Training for the i-Run Pigs 5K: Lessons for first-timers and part 2, Start your running diet plan now.

When you accelerate your training, you’re going to notice a significant increase in your appetite – that’s normal, as your body will be burning and requiring more calories. Just make sure you don’t give into cravings and stick with the running diet plan  outlined in part 2.

You’ve got your walking routine down now and you should be pretty comfortable with it. In fact, you should be pretty anxious to increase your cardio. Now is the time to start interval training – part walking, part running (but no sprinting allowed yet). Your interval for the first week is running for 15 seconds and walking for 45 seconds for each of the 30 minutes. That may not sound like much, but trust me, at the end of the 30 minutes, you’ll feel it.

The interval training schedule looks like this:

  • Monday/Wednesday: running and walking intervals for 30 minutes
  • Tuesday/Thursday: Walk for 30 minutes
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: Run/Walk intervals for your entire 3 mile (5K) course
  • Sunday: rest, or if you feel good, walk for 30 minutes

This interval training was designed by 1972 Olympian Jeff Galloway, who broke the U.S. 10-mile record (47:49). The dude knows running.

Next week, we’ll kick it up another notch. See you September 16! If you haven’t registered for the i-Run Pigs 5k yet, do it here.

If you have a history of heart disease, obesity or lung ailments, please check with your physician before training. The i-Run pigs 5K also includes a walk, so if you’re not fit to run, you can still participate.

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