Is Dancing With The Stars’ Maria Menounos dancing against her doctors orders?

12 Apr

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It’s been reported in a number of news outlets this week that Dancing With The Stars contestant and TV Host Maria Menounos is not only dancing while suffering pain from two broken ribs on her left side, but now has problems with bones in both of her feet, including a stress fracture in one of them. She’s either a cyborg or the dancing Terminator.

“I don’t want to stop, and that fuels me,” says Menounos. “This has been going on since a week and a half into this. And while my feet really, really hurt, we don’t want to talk about it.”

Okay then, we’ll talk about it. We’ll also talk about how we think she’s treating her feet and that stress fracture.

Take a good look at the picture of Maria in the red dress which was taken on the DWTS set. Look closely at her feet. Do you see the cell-phone looking device near her ankle? We’ve confirmed that’s the power pack for a Biomet Orthopak.

maria manounos, biomet orthopak, dwts, dancing with the stars

The OrthoPak is an electrically charged bone growth stimulator which sends an electrical current to the stress fracture area, helping the bone to heal quickly and avoid potential surgery. Realistically, Maria should be off her feet while she heals, and wearing a “protective boot” to immobilize her foot, but obviously that’s not going to happen. So while Maria rests in between rehearsals and competition, she wears the Orthopak to speed the healing of her stress fracture and to hopefully prevent her from having surgery.

A stress fracture in the foot can turn into a full fledged break very quickly, so Maria has to be very careful about how she treats her feet as long as she’s in the competition.

You might not be dancing for millions of TV viewers, but pain in your foot can indicate that you have stress fracture, or any one of a number of other problems. Don’t put off getting treatment. See East Penn Foot and Ankle for a complete diagnosis of your foot pain. East Penn Foot and Ankle may prescribe an OrthoPak for you!


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