Losing Weight with Diabetes

26 Jan

Weight-walkingAs your New Year’s resolutions are either going strong or fading away, the ever so present goal of weight loss is front and center this time of year.  The overindulgences of the holidays and not exercising as frequently due to the colder weather adds a few pounds around everyone’s middle.

If you have diabetes and want to lose weight, great!  But do something different than jump on the next diet craze or the hottest workout.

Having diabetes adds problems if you’re overweight and by losing weight you can actually reduce your risk of health problems.  You don’t need a fancy diet or a crazy workout plan, you just need to eat healthy and be physically active.  You should check out our earlier post on making your diet a rainbow, which describes a fun way to approach your meal planning.

Losing weight the healthy way

****In the beginning, don’t push your exercise too hard, as you might experience an injury or health complications  

  • Take up walking or if you’re up for it, jogging.  Make sure you ease yourself into it, especially if you have not been physically active for a while.  Challenge a family member or friend to get active with you, so that you’ll be accountable to each other and can challenge each other.
  • Join a swimming class
  • Play basketball with a group of family or friends
  • Walk in a park or shopping mall

Find what works for you and enjoy yourself!

For more tips on how to lose weight with diabetes or how diabetes affects your feet, contact your diabetes specialist or Dr. Teichman at East Penn Foot & Ankle Associates.

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  1. North Georgia Foot & Ankle Institute January 30, 2012 at 12:03 am #

    Practicing healthy eating and exercise is essential for a diabetic. You have provided some good, valuable information!

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