Training for a Marathon Part #3

19 Jan

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...Read our previous posts in this series: Training for a marathon part one and Training for a marathon part two.

The marathon training diet

As you start training for your marathon, you need to plan out your diet.  While running, listen to your body and note when you are running better and when you’re bogged down.  The key is probably your diet!

Every runner knows that carbohydrates provide the energy they need for training (carbohydrates also include sugars, but do not overload on these-they are short term energy). More than half of your diet should consist of starchy carbs, like pasta, bread, and cereals.  But stay away from starchy foods that have a high fat content, like cakes and doughnuts.  Choose multigrain bread instead of cinnamon rolls, or shredded wheat instead of highly sweet cereals.  You need energy that will power your muscles over the long haul, not energy that will expire quickly and leave you sluggish(i.e. high sugars) .

You also need to make sure that you are getting lots of protein to build muscle.  This is doubly important if you haven’t exercised in a few months or years, or if you’re just beginning.  As you train, you’re body will be building muscles which need protein to fuel that process.  This helps you get stronger faster.  Examples of good protein sources are dairy products, beef, pork, fish, fowl, nuts and beans – a good mix of these is best, but avoid including additional fats (and opt for raw, unsalted nuts).

Also, try to eat throughout the day.  If you eat three medium meals and one healthy snack between each meal, you’ll keep your body’s metabolism up and burn more fat. Soon you’ll be the lean, mean, running machine you’ll need to be for a marathon.

If you have questions on training for a marathon, you should contact East Penn Foot & Ankle Associates for tips on preventing injury to your feet or ankles.  We’d love to help and guide you so that you can achieve your goal of completing a marathon.

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