Spartan Races = Cure for the Common Runners’ Boredom

4 Nov

Spartan Race 092411 079Image by Edwin Martinez1 via FlickrHave you ever gotten into a rut with your running?  Have you wished you could change it up and try something different than a regular marathon?  You should check out the Spartan Race.   A Spartan Race is one that combines running and an obstacle course.  It’s like when you were a kid and racing on the playground but to a much tougher level.

Spartan Races occur all over the United States and there are some events in Canada and the United Kingdom.  To find out where and when the nearest event to you will be, click on events

Why in the world wound people do this?  Because it’s hard, it’s challenging, it pushes you to your limits, but at the same time, it’s fun!  These are events for runners who want to go to the next level, who want to be challenged again.  They’re for runners who have lost motivation and are bored with just running.

One look at the Spartan Mission and you’ll know the reason why these events were created, to get more people to choose a healthy lifestyle and push themselves to places they never thought possible.  There are different levels of events too.  Watch the tutorial to get a better understanding of these levels.  You can even challenge all of your coworkers to do the Phalanx Challenge and build some teamwork.

If you have been looking for a new challenge, are bored with regular marathons and/or want to push yourself even further, check out the Spartan Race.  We at East Penn Foot & Ankle Associates love the Spartan Race and their mission to push people off the couch and to start living a healthy lifestyle!

If you have any questions, East Penn Foot & Ankle Associates would love to help you find answers.  Give us a call at (610)432-9593 or contact us on our website at

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