Protect Your Ankles While You Run

18 Oct
Most adults have had an ankle sprain at some point in their lives. You landed wrong trying to dunk, or while running, your foot came down right in the middle of that hole you never saw. Your ankle bent over and the pain made you see stars. Forget about putting any weight on it, as you’ll feel the sting of pain immediately.
Yi Jianlian of Nets sprained ankle

Yi Jianlian of the Nets sat out four games due to a sprained ankle

What exactly is a sprain?

A sprained ankle occurs when your foot lands improperly, your weight placed on the outside edge of your foot, shifting it sideways, which causes your ankle to bend or roll beyond its capacity to do so. This stretches and/or tears the ligaments in your ankle. Usually, your ankle and the surrounding tissue in your foot will begin to swell immediately.

It’s essential for your ankle’s healing that you do not try to “fight through the pain” and continue your activity on the sprained ankle. Doing so may injure it very seriously, requiring corrective surgery. Immediately rest, ice and elevate your ankle and make an appointment to see your podiatrist to check for any torn ligaments.

But sprains don’t strictly occur during athletic events, because wearing very tall high heels can be hazardous also. If you get the heel caught in the crack of a sidewalk  or some other obstacle, your heel may slip sideways and all of your weight will land on the side of your foot, resulting in a sprained ankle for fashion.

To learn more about ankle sprains see the ankle sprains or sports injuries pages at the East Penn Foot and Ankle Associates website. If you have suffered an ankle sprain, contact East Penn Foot and Ankle Associates for an immediate appointment and examination so you can quickly get back on top of your game. Our phone number is 610-432-9593.

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