Running – it’s something to work up to.

10 Oct

 Have you ever tried to just start up some crazy exercising routine after a long period of not exercising regularly?   Many people have tried it and faced the consequences of sports related injuries.  If you want to get into better shape, great for you!  But please, do yourself a favor and take it slow.  Your body needs to build itself up to the challenge of a exercising routine.  If you want to take up running, great, but make sure your body is up to the challenge.  If you don’t, you could be pushing yourself right into an injury. 

After you have decided to get into better shape, design a plan for yourself and stick to it.  Don’t start by running three miles, maybe try one to begin with.  See how your body handles the wear and tear.  Make sure you stretch before and after your runs.  This will help your body warm up and cool down respectively, thus helping you avoid being sidelined by an injury for weeks on end.  Make sure you wear proper equipment by getting a good pair of running shoes.  You don’t have to blow the bank account, but make sure they are supportive, sturdy and have cushion to absorb the shock of your pounding feet. 
            Now, if you haven’t ran in a long time, it might be better to take it really slow.  Ways you could build up your body to prepare to run would be to do things like ride your bike to work, if you don’t live to far from your job, and go for walks.  This way you are building muscle and getting your body into better shape before you venture out on a run, which is hard on the body, especially the feet and knees with continuous pounding with each step.  If you want to run for the long term, you have to make sure your body can handle it.  If you are wondering if it a good idea for you to pick up the running habit, Dr. Teichman would love to talk about it with you and help you make decide if running is for you or if another exercise program would be better.  Visit the website and make appointment today!

2 Responses to “Running – it’s something to work up to.”

  1. Houston Foot Specialists October 24, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

    I totally agree with both of you. So many injuries could've been avoided if only the person would have taken it slow to begin with.

  2. Dr. Hans Blaakman October 14, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    Many injuries that occur are cause because people pushed their body beyond it's limits. This certainly occurs when just starting out on an exercise plan because people push themselves too quickly and their body is not prepared for it. Thank you for pointing out to people that they need to take it slow at first.

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