Causes of Diabetic Foot Issues

9 Aug

Why do diabetics have more foot problems than people without diabetes?

diabetic consulting with podiatrist illustration

When a person has diabetes, their circulation (blood flow) decreases. With less blood circulating through their tissues, their healing processes also slow down.  So when a person with diabetes injures their foot, such as by a puncture or a blister,  the healing process takes longer, making the risk of infection much higher than for someone without diabetes.


Additionally, a person who has diabetes usually has nerve damage.  This is especially true in the feet and is called neuropathy.  A diabetic may eventually lose all feeling in their feet, making it impossible to feel pain there even if they step on a nail or a jagged rock.  This is why it is especially important for diabetics to constantly be aware of their feet by making sure they are properly protected with shoes whether outside or inside – barefoot is forbidden. Diabetics should check their feet thoroughly every day for cuts, wounds, blisters and injuries.  Visit our website for guidelines on how diabetics should take care of their feet.

If you have diabetes, it is especially important for you to visit a podiatrist, as he or she will help you to avoid many future problems with your feet. East Penn Foot and Ankle Associates Diabetic Foot Center is an excellent source of information.

To schedule a diabetic foot exam, call our office at 610-432-9593 to set up an appointment.

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