Myths about Foot an Ankle Pain

28 Apr

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Here are three common myths about foot and ankle pain
1.”It can’t be broken, because I can move it.”

False- You can actually still walk with certain types of foot fractures. Some common examples: Breaks in the smaller, outer bone of the lower leg, small chip fractures of either the foot or ankle bones, and the often neglected fracture of the toe.

2.”If you break a toe, immediate care isn’t necessary.”

False- A toe fracture needs prompt attention. If X-rays reveal it to be a simple displaced fracture, care by your podiatrist usually can produce rapid relief. If the case is worse you will need realignment.

3.”If you have a foot or ankle injury, soak it in hot water immediately.”

False- Don’t use heat or hot water on an area suspect for fracture, sprain, or dislocation. Heat promotes blood flow, causing greater swelling. The more swelling, the more pressure on the nerves, which causes more pain. An ice bag wrapped in a towel has a contracting effect and prevents swelling and pain. See your Podiatrist as soon as possible.

At PA Foot and Ankle Associates, we understand the pain you are in. No one should have to suffer from foot or ankle pain. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.

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